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Redesigned: The Record Stache

I just finished a major overhaul of the design for The Record Stache music blog. Matt wanted an eye-catching design that focused on the musicians’ beautiful cover art. All of the post information is displayed when you hover over an album cover. This is definitely the funnest design yet, and it’s come a long way from some of TRS’s…

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I Made a Picture.

Here’s a graphic I put together for a new podcast feature over at The Record Stache. I used an Instagram photo I took of the microwave and had some fun with the pen tool and some other effects in Illustrator. It’s probably not that exciting, but I’ve decided I should post things more often. Follow…

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Dulce de Leche Shortbread Cookies

I know what you’re thinking. Those kinda look like Girl Scout cookies. And while they make look oddly similar, and they may even have been inspired by my favorite cookie, the Samoa, I confess, they taste nothing like Samoas/Caramel Delites. They are, however, awesome shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, slathered in dulce de leche, and sprinkled…

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diy: tortoise shell photo frame

This boring, worn out frame was headed for the trash when I decided to take it home and give it some new life. I wanted to try out a faux-tortoise shell finish since it’s my favorite animal-inspired pattern. It’s a really easy process and only takes a couple hours to make. Things You’ll Need: -…

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Cheddar, Rosemary & Jalapeño Potatoes

There’s nothing like a recipe that has almost all the ingredients in the title, am I right? The other night, we decided to make some cheesy, spicy breakfast potatoes. I had some fresh rosemary in the fridge, but I wasn’t sure whether or not it would go with jalapeño. Thanks to a quick Google search, I learned…

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Wall Art

Here are a couple paintings I made recently. This one is a cover-up of a painting I made a few years ago and never really liked. I usually like to paint without a plan, so I have a lot of used canvases lying around. You can see a lot of texture from the former painting peeking…

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Pencil Test Update

Here’s an update to the pencil test I’ve been working on. I’ve added several more seconds, so the scene has a lot more context now. I still have about 10 seconds to go before I can consider it finished.

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Black and White Film Photography

Here are a bunch of prints I made for a film photography class I took during the Spring 2011 semester at UWF. They were all shot using a Canon Rebel Ti SLR and Ilford 400 ISO B&W film. These are some of my favorite images from that class. Old junk always makes for the best…

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View from a Patio

It’s probably safe to say that I’ve exhausted all the photography opportunities involving the view from my apartment’s back patio. Nevertheless, here are a few photos I took today around sunset.

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Pencil Test

I grew up during the Disney Renaissance, and my childhood dream was to become an animator for Disney. I ended up going to school for TV and film, but have rekindled my interest in the art over the past few months. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to teach myself the fundamentals of 2D…

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