DIY Photo Coasters

diy photo coaster tutorial
diy photo coaster tutorial

I found a great coaster tutorial via Pinterest a few weeks ago. It’s a Martha Stewart tutorial for making coasters with old maps, but I didn’t have any maps. I do however, have an entire binder of photos I developed last year for a photography class. I took out a few abstract ones I thought would make awesome graphic coasters. It’s a good thing my favorite photos would make terrible coasters. I don’t think I could just cut them up like that. Anyway, these are super easy to make, since they employ my go-to solution for everything: Mod Podge.

– Pack of cork coasters
– Collection of photos you don’t mind destroying
– Black acrylic paint
– Mod Podge
– Acrylic spray sealer
– Craft knife
– Paint brushes


Grab your photos and decide how you want your coasters to look. I cut a circle out of a piece of paper and used it as a guide.
Place a coaster over your photo and carefully trace around it with the craft knife. Make sure you hold the coaster down pretty firmly so it doesn’t move on you. Craft blades make way thinner cuts than scissors do, so if you make any mistakes, they won’t really show. Remove the coaster and carefully separate the circle from the rest of the photo. Repeat with your other photos.
As you can see, that bottom circle has a few loose ends. If you can’t cut straight either, you can trim your photos now, or wait until after they’re glued onto the coasters.
Paint the backs and sides of each coaster black and let dry.


Paint a thin, even coat of Mod Podge on the front of the coasters and on the back of each photo. Wait a minute until the glue is a bit tacky, then attach the photo to the coaster, pressing firmly. Let dry for at least an hour. To keep them from warping, I placed my coasters under a heavy book while they dried.
diy photo coaster tutorial
Paint two coats of Mod Podge over the front of the coaster, waiting an hour between coats. To minimize the look of brush strokes, paint one coat horizontally and the other vertically.
diy photo coaster tutorial
Give them a coat of sealer then let dry for a day before using.
diy photo coaster tutorial
Planning on making your own set? Let me know about it in the comments!