DIY Shimmery Glitter Vase

diy shimmery glitter green vase
Sometimes I just can’t resist taking a plain, simple vase and turning it into something more interesting. This vase was left over from an Easter floral arrangement, and I decided to keep it and transform it with a little glitter. It’s painted with alternating layers of glitter, glue, and paint, giving it a shimmery, sand art appearance.

Clear, glass vase
(Optional) Small, cylinder vase that fits inside larger vase
Fine glitter in two or three shades
Black acrylic paint
Mod Podge
Paint Brushes
Start with a clean, glass vase.
Choose two or three coordinating shades of glitter.
I went with two shades of yellow green, and gold (not pictured).

Pour a small amount of Mod Podge into the vase.
Take one shade of glitter and pour a ton of it into the vase.
I’d seriously estimate a 1:1 ratio of glitter to glue, maybe even a little more.
We’re going for an almost solid coat of glitter, here.
Grab your paintbrush and stir everything well.
Paint a light, swirly coat of glitter glue across the inside of the vase.
I had to finger paint parts where the brush couldn’t reach.
Let it dry for at least an hour.
Add more Mod Podge and the second glitter color to the bottom of the vase and stir.
Paint another light coat of glitter across the inside of the vase and let dry.
Add a coat of black, acrylic paint and let dry overnight.
I wouldn’t recommend pouring water into your newly painted vase, so if you want to add
fresh flowers, first place them in a smaller vase that will fit inside the larger one.
Tutorial for the smaller vase here, if you’re interested.
Ta da! I like how the black paint really sets off the swirls of glitter, but instead of paint,
you could try adding several more layers of glitter in different shades.