Design Progression – TheRecordStache

(Site design as of February 2013)

Since February 2012, I’ve been the designer and webmaster for a little music blog called TheRecordStache. The layout started out fairly humble – so humble, in fact, that I don’t mind that I never took a screenshot documenting the original design. It was bad, folks. As the site grew and started to gain recognition, I was challenged to develop the cleanest, most dynamic and professional-looking blog design I could muster. As you can see from the following screenshots, the basic color scheme and logo have stayed relatively constant. I worked with Matt, the mastermind behind TheRecordStache, to give the blog its signature theme- classic, neutral grays with carefully placed pops of color. It’s amazing how simple changes like narrower margins and a wider, standalone, featured-post slideshow can elevate a website from cutesy to designer. It’s been a blast being able to work on the design for such a promising, new blog. It’s also been rewarding- I’ve improved my HTML and CSS coding skills, and I learned a bit of jQuery to create dynamic elements for the blog. One thing I can’t take credit for is the awesome background (both the dark and light versions), which came from a design Matt drew and then had a friend perform some Photoshop magic on. Web design is something I’d love to do for a living, so if you or someone you know is in the market for a website overhaul, please drop me a line at anna @ heavilyedited . com.

Kudos to anyone who can figure out what inspired
the color scheme/arrangement for these icons.

Version #4.

Version #3. Screenshot taken by The Neighbourhood
Version #2. Screenshot via Fast Planet
(Shame on me for never documenting the site’s progress myself).

I learned a bit of jQuery to make these share buttons slide out.
They show up at the end of every post on TheRecordStache.
Click here to see a live example.