How to Start Your Own Blog

start your own blog

I recently came back to blogging after 6 long years, and during that time, I felt like something was missing. I’ve been working as a web designer and web developer, two careers that are often assumed to be tied to one’s identity (programmers are unfortunately thought of as uncreative nerds, and designers as artsy divas). I’ve worked with people who were so insistent that I couldn’t be good at more than one thing, which is tough for a multipotentialite like myself to hear.

I started to believe that maybe those small-minded people were correct. Maybe I’m not creative. Maybe I shouldn’t bother writing since designers and developers aren’t “naturally” good at those types of things. Maybe I’m not good at anything at all.

A Turning Point

I did some soul searching and finally decided to stop caring about what other people think. I’m a decent, capable person, and so are you. Don’t let anyone try to keep you from pursuing your passions. You can have a day job and six wildly different hobbies if you want. You can be a complete enigma to everyone. Chart your own path.

Writing is a huge creatively outlet for me. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, read on to learn how to get started.

Choose a Hosting Provider

Over the years, I’ve worked with several hosting providers, including GoDaddy, A Small Orange, and Host Gator. I currently host this site and several others using Dreamhost. So far, I’ve found Dreamhost to be the best mix of quality and affordability. I use their shared hosting plan, and I’ve never experienced any issues with unexpected downtime. They offer top-notch support, which is helpful if you’re new to hosting. My favorite feature is their 1-Click Install option for WordPress.

Get a Custom Domain

If you sign up with a site like Medium or Blogger, you won’t have to worry about coming up with your own domain name. But, if you want to add a dash of personality and professionalism to your new blog, go ahead and purchase your own, unique domain name. I used to purchase domains through GoDaddy, but now I use Google Domains. Most domains run around $12 a year and Google offers free privacy masking (so strangers won’t be able to see your contact information when they run a WHOIS lookup).

Start Writing and Creating

Once you’ve setup your new hosting account, installed WordPress, and connected your custom domain, it’s time to start writing! Easy as that.

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