On Being a Multipotentialite & How I Made it Work for Me

multipotentialite artist writer

What in the world is a multipotentialite? It’s simply a term for someone who has multiple creative interests or career pursuits. For me, the list looks something like this: painter, illustrator, graphic designer, programmer, web developer, novel writer, technical writer, animator, video producer, movie director, childrens’ book illustrator, sketch artist, entrepreneur, travel writer, photographer, etc.

As you can see, the list is sort of cohesive and related, but in our corporate rat race culture, you’re only seen as successful if you’re willing to specialize. Pick exactly one narrow focus and devote your entire career to it. Doesn’t that sound a little restrictive and limiting? While I’ve met people who truly believe that our skills are tied to our personality, and that certain┬ápeople are better suited for specific┬ájobs, I just can’t get down with that notion.

I humbly believe that we’re only as limited by the amount of time each of us has in a day. That’s it. People with tons of free time are able to learn and practice their interests more often. And it’s totally OK if most of your time is taken up by one job. But it’s also OK to have hobbies and interests completely unrelated to your day job.

If you’re a multipotentialite like I am, then you’ve probably spent some time feeling burdened by society’s expectations. But there’s a solution for that. You just have to take small steps to build up your confidence. Make a list of of all of your interests – no matter how outlandish it may feel to put them on paper. Now, pick two things, and make a plan to work toward achieving those goals or activities. If you want to try a new hobby, for example, set aside half an hour this weekend to start.

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m taking a small step by re-launching my blog and expressing my thoughts in writing. When I’m ready, I’ll start carving out an hour or two each week to work on my drawings and paintings.