Way back at the end of 2011, I created Heavily Edited as a creative outlet for myself. I had just graduated college with my BA in Communication Arts, and I was completely lost. The economy was still struggling in 2011, thanks to the Great Recession, and I quickly learned that jobs weren’t as easy to find as I had been promised throughout my entire childhood.

Back in those days, I posted a lot about DIY crafts, and shared some of my animation and video artwork. I was working part-time as a portrait photographer, and kept hoping that something would stick. Thanks to the blog (along with my HTML and CSS skills learned from customizing GeoCities websites and my MySpace profile), I was able to position myself for a full-time role as a web designer.

I got busy with work, and stopped posting here for over 6 years. Now, I’m returning with stories from my journey to self-employment.