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DIY: Tortoise Shell Photo Frame

This boring, worn out frame was headed for the trash when I decided to take it home and give it some new life. I wanted to try out a faux-tortoise shell finish since it’s my favorite animal-inspired pattern. It’s a really easy process and only takes a couple hours to make. Things You’ll Need: –…

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Simple Crocheted Bird Feeder

Here’s a super easy idea for a DIY bird feeder made from a shallow, glass container and a ball of jute twine. It’s suspended from the roof overhang so it won’t fill up with water during a storm. It’s very easy to crochet; hopefully my pattern makes sense. Now I just have to wait for…

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DIY Shimmery Glitter Vase

Sometimes I just can’t resist taking a plain, simple vase and turning it into something more interesting. This vase was left over from an Easter floral arrangement, and I decided to keep it and transform it with a little glitter. It’s painted with alternating layers of glitter, glue, and paint, giving it a shimmery, sand…

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Crocheted Beach Bag

The other day, I had this crazy idea to crochet something fun and useful out of jute. I started with coasters, but found making them to be both tedious and painful. Since jute is a natural fiber, it seemed ideal for a beach-themed bag. It was originally meant to be a big tote bag, but…

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Kitschy Pot Holders

Here are two new potholder designs I’ve been working on. The first design is pretty similar to another one I’ve made, just with a different color scheme. On the second one I went super retro and brought out the granny squares. These two designs are for sale on Etsy, but if you’d like to try…

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DIY Photo Coasters

I found a great coaster tutorial via Pinterest a few weeks ago. It’s a Martha Stewart tutorial for making coasters with old maps, but I didn’t have any maps. I do however, have an entire binder of photos I developed last year for a photography class. I took out a few abstract ones I thought would…

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Hand-Painted Penguin Magnets

  So while everyone’s out coloring Easter eggs or otherwise preparing for tomorrow, I’m making penguin magnets. I happen to think penguins are appropriate for any holiday. These little guys are hand-painted on small, wooden discs I found at Joann. I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to make with them besides awesome refrigerator magnets….

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Colorful Crocheted Potholders

So until I made these little guys, my apartment was definitely sans-potholders. I really wanted to make my own potholders rather than buying a set. I went with a mix of earthy and brilliant colors, since I love the look of multicolored stripes. Cotton yarn works best for making potholders, since it’s sturdy and won’t…

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DIY Necklace Organizer

This is something I made last year, before I had a blog. I had gotten tired of having to untangle my necklaces every time I wanted to wear one, so I decided to come up with a hanging organizer. This necklace organizer is made using a wooden photo frame and metal cup hooks. I added…

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DIY Glitter Decoupage Vases

I found this tutorial for paper-wrapped vases via Pinterest and thought they were absolutely adorable. I was inspired to make my own version, to which I added a lot more Mod Podge and a safe amount of glitter. Things You’ll Need:   Glass, cylindrical vases Pretty, textured craft paper Mod Podge Fine glitter in a…

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